SRL Motors, Incorporated
SRL Motors, Inc., is an American EV automaker founded by our President and CEO Shaune Bordere, JD, BS.
We custom build electric SUV's and cars as well as commercial electric trucks and buses of most new brands, makes and models globally.
We custom build electric jets, helicopters and large-scale electric airplanes as well as electric yachts and ships
of most brands, makes and models nationally. We also custom build electric trains nationally.
We convert gasoline and diesel fuel powered automobiles, airplanes, yachts, ships and trains
to electric vehicles with our patent-pending aerospace propulsion ultra light weight solid-state battery technology nationally.
All of the vehicles that we custom build are equipped with the world's most powerful aerospace propulsion ultra light weight solid-state battery that we have designed
with a gravimetric energy density of over 2 kilowatt hours per kilogram and an anode with over 1,000 times
more gravimetric energy density than all anodes worldwide.
SRL Motors, Inc. will eliminate fossil fuel emissions from transportation with our solid-state batteries with a drive range distance
of thousands of miles on only one single external charge, our custom built zero emission electric vehicles, airplanes, ships
and trains as well as our emissions fighting technology.
We are committed to eliminating fossil fuel emissions from transportation by 2030 with our powerful solid-state EV batteries,
EV SUV's, cars, trucks, ships, planes and trains and our Hydrofluorocarbon and Carbon Dioxide eliminating exhaust systems for all existing vehicles.
SRL Motors, Inc. is the 1st Lithium-free, Cobalt-free, child labor-free, labor justice supported EV automaker.
We urge all Lithium battery dependent companies to urgently begin to utilize our solid-state battery and Battery and Energy Storage Systems (BESS) technology.

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