SRL Motors, Incorporated
SRL Motors, Inc., is an American automaker with the world's most powerful solid-state battery with a gravimetric energy density of over 2 kilowatt hours per kilogram.
The ultimate goal of the company is to eliminate fossil fuel emissions from transportation with zero emission hybrid electric vehicles, airplanes, ships and trains that generate their own fuel with their Megawatt level hybrid electric engines and fossil fuel eliminating exhaust systems designed over 4 years ago.
We are now building the first working prototype of our most powerful solid-state battery technology design in the world with a gravimetric energy density of at least 2 kilowatt hours per kilogram.
We will begin testing and ultimately manufacturing our solid-state batteries for our hybrid electric vehicles and our stand-alone utility-scale site systems by the 4th quarter of 2024.
Contact Us: (469) 432.6487
Cypress, Texas 77433